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    An L.A. native with roots based out of Canoga Park in the San Fernando Valley, FIDELIZ began

    to DJ in the summer of 2009. He currently uses Logic/Ableton to produce and Pro Tools to mix

    and master. During performances as DJ FIDELIZ, the Pioneer 4-channel DDJ-SX2 controller

    helps to bring life to any party with many of his musical creations.

    Born as Alfredo Garcia Jr. to humble and hard-working parents, he proudly served his country

    by joining the U.S. Army, was stationed in the 101st Airborne Division out of Fort Campbell in

    Kentucky, and served a full 3-year term as an Infantry Mortar Man (11C).

    Before joining the military, FIDELIZ founded and led the infamous ETM Party Crew, which was

    very well-known amongst many San Fernando Valley locals for their prominent electronic bass

    parties. It was during these early years that he discovered his hunger for DJing and decided to

    pursue a career as a professional music producer. FIDELIZ graduated with honors not once, but

    twice, from the Los Angeles Recording School and obtained degrees in Music Production and

    Audio Engineering.

    FIDELIZ’s DJ name stems from the United States Marine Corps motto: SEMPER FIDELIS

    (SEMPER FI). Latin for “Always Faithful,” it represents the value of all for one and one for all as

    well as eternal loyalty. When translated directly into English, DJ FIDELIZ would essentially

    mean DJ FAITHFUL. At 30 years old and with faith in his passion for DJing, FIDELIZ hopes to

    one day perform in one, if not many, of the largest EDM festivals such as EDC, Beyond

    Wonderland, Ultra or Tomorrowland, and work alongside well-renowned DJs such as Derro, Tiesto, Dj Snake, and Afrojack (to name a few). 

    FIDELIZ currently performs around the San Fernando Valley and in Santa Clarita as well. A couple locations he has performed at is The Buddha Lounge, Drifters Cocktails, The Rabbit Hole, TacosWay, Cantina Way and many other locations to name a few. Along with various large private events.

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